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Here's a little section on Tips & Tricks that might be of interest to you.

Battery Tenders & Chargers

Want your battery to last longer? Looking for the right battery charger for your bike?. Read on McDuff!
A Foreword on Bike Communications

Read this first if you're thinking about a wireless headset! (Keep your head from exploding!)
Controlling Your Infotainment System Wirelessly

The Boom 6.5GT Infotainment system can be wirelessly controlled!
Controlling Your Infotainment System Wirelessly - Addendum #1 - WHiM

Adding the H-D® WHIM and pairing a wireless headset.
Controlling Your Infotainment System Wirelessly - Addendum #2 - Freewire™

Adding the Sena Freewire™ and pairing a wireless headset.
Bike to Bike (B2B) Wireless Communications

Which system you choose depends on your environment and your requirements.
Bike to Bike (B2B) Wireless Communications WITH wired Infotainment control

There IS a way to have a hybrid Comm. system if you already own an H-D or SENA headset!
Citizen's Band Radio Thoughts

Going through the process of adding a CB Radio to a 2017 Street Glide Special.
Do you have a 2014-2018 Bagger and have GTS Envy?

There's a way to upgrade your infotainment system to the new GTS system!
Fangs for your Bike?

Why your bike just might need a set of Fangs!
LED Lighting - Part 1

Headlights - If you ride at night, reading this might be a good idea.
LED Lighting - Part 2

Brake lights - What good are they if nobody can see you?
LED Lighting - Part 3

Front Directional lights - and the bonus with LED conversion!
Rear Shocks

Two bikes - two new sets of shocks.
H.O.G.® License Plates

You can get H.O.G.® Plates for your Motorcycle!

Do your bearings sing to you?
Oil & Oil Filters

My thoughts and some information on the subject.
Oil Filter Relocation

Walking through an oil filter relocation.
Lifting Your Bike the easy way.

Don't break your back trying to right your bike by yourself!
Drain Plug Magnets.

How good are those drain plug magnets?
USB Outlets

Add as USB outlet to your bike.
Radar Detectors

Adding a Radar Dectector to your bike.

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