2017 Roundabout to Director Don's House (1-map)

Start at Utica H-D®, End at Don's House.
Have a Party!

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Roundabout to Gorton Lake (part 1)

Start at Utica H-D®, End at Gorton Lake.
Stop for lunch at the Solsville Hotel.

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Roundabout From Gorton Lake (part 2)

Start at Gorton Lake, End at Utica H-D®.

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Wolf Mountain Nature Center Ride 2018 (5-map parts)

Start at Utica H-D® and end at Gilligan's Island in Sherburne

Pre-Picnic Poker Run 2018 (11-map parts)

Start at Utica H-D® and end at Utica H-D®
Stops at Middleville, Salisbury Center, & Herkimer for Poker draws.
And photo-ops at Salisbury Center's Covered Bridge.

Delta Lake Run #1

Start at Utica H-D® and end at Utica H-D®
This run combines different types of local roads with a trip through Griffiss Park
(and it's three roundabouts),with a swing around the north shore of Delta Lake,
then over to Route 69, and through backroads to Westmorland, and back to Utica H-D®.
Runtime is aproximately 1.5 hours, and 66 miles.
Added: 04/02/2019 by FurryOne

Harley-Davidson® of Utica
Your Hometown Harley dealer.
Stop in and view our large selection of new and pre-owned motorcycles.
PHONE: (315) 797-5570

Liz's Leather Repair & Restoration
Liz & Jim are at Utica HD every Thursday 4-8PM, & the 1st Saturday of the Month until 4PM.
For all your leather sewing needs - patches, repairs, & alterations.
PHONE: (315) 866-2630, or CELL: (315) 790-1944

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